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Blogging and the SME

10 March 2017
Social Media
Doctor, Doctor, I'm seeing social media icons before my eyes!

Yesterday I attended a seminar all about blogging at the Rushcliffe Arena in Nottingham.

It was event put on by the D2N2 Growth Hub – you can visit their site here –

The main aim of the D2N2 Growth Hub is to improve the capability of enterprises in the Nottingham and Derby area to value and engage appropriately with business service providers, and to help business service providers to improve their offer.

Anyway, most of what was spoken about I already had some knowledge of, but it was still good to have what I thought confirmed, and it helped me focus on some aspects I hadn’t really paid attention to before.

Why blog?

So, first of all, why bother with a blog? The simple answer is that it is great for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Two things that search engines really like are a regularly updated site, and a site with ever growing content. Further to this, you can make sure that the new content contains all those keywords that you’re pushing, which, for some business models, is imperative.

Trichrome Media uses a site’s head content to specifically target keywords and a page description, but doing this is less important since Google changed their search algorithms a few years ago. Nevertheless, it is still a valuable use of time, and is a great way of emphasising those key phrases.

Drawbacks of WordPress

It was a little disappointing to hear the speaker, Isi Dixon, espouse the use of WordPress so much. No-one at Trichrome likes WordPress. It is an inefficient Content Management System, and really forces the user down a very limited path in terms of web design and development.

The modules are code-heavy, and the sheer number of updates WordPress has leads to compatibility issues very quickly. At Trichrome we use Textpattern. It may not be the most popular, but for a skilled designer/developer it is fantastic. It is efficient in terms of code and resource usage, placing the emphasis on the ability of the developer.

Social Media sharing

One element that Isi highlighted is that WordPress does allow users to install a set of Social Media share buttons on their blog articles. This is something that Trichrome hasn’t implemented before, so we decided to look into it. Now we have implemented it, so at the bottom of all our blog articles there is now a selection of buttons that enable a reader to share the article to their chosen Social Media channel with a click!

So to summarise – Yes! Blogging is worthwhile, it’s a great way to showcase your work and get those Search Engine robots looking at your site! Used in conjunction with accurate, error-free coding, you’ll be making it very hard for those Search Engines to mark you down!

So you need to ask yourself… is my coding accurate and error-free?

Well… is it… PUNK?

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