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08 Jan 2017
Neil Bennett Photography

Just before Christmas we were contacted by a local photographer, Neil Bennett, a specialist in capturing wedding memories.

Initially he was interested in a site clean up in terms of code, so that the site would be more competitive in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We offered our initial consultation free of charge, and spent a few hours going over his site and realised fairly quickly that it was going to be a big job.

The site was created in 2012 using WordPress, not our favourite Content Management System (CMS). After an initial examination it was established that there were some 29 different plugins installed, 19 of which were live and 18 of which didn’t have any updates available for the latest versions of WordPress.

The problem with WordPress is that it claims to make it very easy for the lay-person to create and maintain a site, but after five years of updates the site was on its last legs without any way of updating it. Five years is a long time in web-development, and we couldn’t in good conscience go ahead with what he wanted.

So as a solution we suggested taking all the content and putting into a fresh site build using a far more efficient CMS, Textpattern.

The site is now complete and live on the web, you can take a look here… neilbennettphotography.co.uk

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